CC006, #007, and #008 all feature art and design by Anya Kuts.  To view more of Anya’s work visit her website:

CC008 Love Cult - Ask 1 2 B 1, 7” Lathe

The handcrafted drones and decaying electronics of Love Cult (Full of Nothing, Public Information et al) are by no means easy to pigeonhole.  Their approach to sound is evidently a unique and potent concoction of Dream-pop, Broken-folk, and Drone: ethereal hymns for post-noise lovers.  Think Gregorian chants looped into infinity by William Basinski and re-imagined by your favorite Russian psych duo.  Cooper Cult is proud to present a deeply meditative yet acutely challenging release by Love Cult: Ask 1 2 B 1. 

$17 - Post Paid Worldwide

"… an impossibly soothing piece of underwater hymnals, whose wordless chants build-up and then ebb once again into blissful nothingness." - Rose Quartz

Recorded by Love Cult / Art direction by Anya Kuts

CC007 a death cinematic - witness the conflagrations of these, the last days, 7” Lathe

witness the conflagrations
of these, the last days
when fire came from
the sky and the ash
looked like the first snow
of our last winter

in the distant baying
the cries of confusion,
chaos, pandemonium

yet you stood still on a hilltop
at peace, serene, easy
aglow in the fires’ light
saying farewell to this
and that madness

- a death cinematic

$17 - Post Paid Worldwide

Recorded by a death cinematic / Art direction by Anya Kuts

CC006 Widesky - Flux Boundaries, 7” Lathe

Looped field recordings and processed, pitched down instrumentation undulating from the Pacific Northwest.  Widesky presents two ambient compositions that embrace notions of noise, only to subtly subvert them into transcendental drones.


"Though Chrisman’s Widesky is pitched as a noise/drone project, Flux Boundaries is more restrained and controlled than such a description might imply. Yes, there are noises and drones aplenty in the A-side’s “Disembodied,” but the tune swells in a patient and measured manner instead of bludgeoning the listener with an eviscerating attack. If anything, the piece is more molten rumination than anything else, while the shorter B-side “Sublimate” situates itself at an even deeper and thus quieter level of somnambulant." - Textura

Recorded by Seth Chrisman / Art direction by Anya Kuts

CC011 jffstnhs - Broken, 3” CD

Formed from the remains of Listening Mirror, jffstnhs is the solo project of LM’s co-founder Jeff Stonehouse. jffstnhs will visit darker places than Listening Mirror dared to tread.

“His biggest misgiving came from his concern about the loud crash that was bound to occur and would probably create, if not terror, at least anxiety behind all the doors. But that would have to be risked.” - Franz Kafka, the Metamorphosis


"A haunting and slowly intensifying drone." - Ambientblog

"The adventure starts with a voice. Coming in over what sounds like a loudspeaker, only muffled, lost in translation. Maybe it’s Houston calling, calmly going over last-minute instructions to the cockpit of a space shuttle that’s about to try out warp speed for the first time in history. Whoever it is, whatever they have to say won’t help now. It’s begun, the low end and ebbing synth cluster in the upper register setting the pace with an unrelenting forward motion. It is super-slo-mo and fast-forward at the same time, mounting with a calculated intensity and extreme velocity. If things were to stop suddenly, the results would be catastrophic. Injuries would mount. Our intrepid pilot might die. This doesn’t happen, but our hero isn’t out of the woods yet… The bass starts to throb. There is a malfunction. It is terrifying." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"… right from the off it’s clear jffstnhs (or stnhs, if you will) is going to present an altogether heavier sound and one with increased immediacy. No longer is there any feeling of otherness or seperation – the waves of noise envelope you straight away and don’t really let up until the single track’s twenty-two minute running time has elapsed. It’s not vicious or abrasive, it’s just consuming – a mass of muffled voices swirling in a hurricane and slowly dying out as the winds take hold. As it progresses it gets harder to bear; when turned up loud the higher-pitched tones scream through the drones like comets entering the atmosphere. It’s a real thrill ride with a submerged grumble of a beat emerging to propel, challenging the listener to stick to his or her guns or shout that you want to get off. The cover image of what appears to be a fighter pilot preparing for take-off is wholly appropriate, as Broken seems to be made up of everything flying a jet would expose you to, from the roasting hum of the engines to the deafening growl of take-off and headlong into the sonic boom as you break through the sound barrier. It’s powerful stuff, compounded with stunning effect towards the end when a sudden thunk and its rumbling aftermath replicates an airborne pressure drop in your ears." - Fluid Radio

It’s one long 22-minute track of throbbing dark drones. It’s considerably darker than anything I’ve heard from him before. It’s practically doom laden and it’s making me wish I’d brought my spare pants into work. It’s a dark journey into barren industrial wastelands where the weather is bleak and all around everyone looks grey and poorly.” - Norman Records

Gradually the intensity level subsides, a move that allows a cycling flow of convulsions to become more dominant, until the hazy mass returns, this time swelling into a crackling cloud and surrendering to madness all the more. Crank that stereo as loudly as it can go, and then lie back and strap yourself in for this haunted trip to the outermost reaches.” - Textura

"Gone completely are the pastoral utopias of Listening Mirror, this is more a soundtrack to becoming lost in fog. jffstnhs is now firmly positioned alongside the likes of Colin Potter, Michael Begg and Robert Hampson as a first class crafter of strange, dystopian dreams in sound." -Was Ist Das!

Written and produced by Jeff Stonehouse / Cover image courtesy of Lee Noble

jffstnhs on the web: facebook / twitter // soundcloud

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Sleeper ‘From Beyond’ c34 (A Guide to Saints)

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.” – H. P. Lovecraft

Occasionally when we dream, we hear. These sounds can take many forms – from the familiar chimes of our everyday to more alien non representative audio apparitions – like music.
It’s from this place that Sleeper calls.

In the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa, we found C.J Parahi aka Sleeper. As the co- founder and curator of Cooper Cult records, he has been responsible a string of curious re- leases that burrow deep into the antipodean core of his homeland New Zealand.

As Sleeper though, C.J. opens a new window – one that stretches out from conscious horizons and continues into the uneasy realms of the subconscious.

Sleeper is a distant dream, a haze of woven fog that rolls in an undulating hypnotic loop.

His first offering, From Beyond, is a collection of pitched down and heavily processed field recordings, samples and found sounds which work to create a wide musical spectrum encompassing drone, ambient atmospheres and vague outsider pop.

The pieces each borrow in equal doses from William S. Burroughs cut up experiments, H. P. Lovecraft’s Mythos and William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops. - A Guide to Saints


"New Zealand’s C.J. Parahi, who co-founded Cooper Cult Records, makes stunning instrumental music as Sleeper. His new cassette, From Beyond, comes out August 15 on Room40 offshoot A Guide to Saints. It’s described by the label as “a collection of pitched-down and heavily processed field recordings, samples and found sounds which work to create a wide musical spectrum encompassing drone, ambient atmospheres and vague outsider pop.” It consists of four long-form pieces that do real justice to the project’s name. Streaming below, ‘Slumber/Timeless Time’ is lush and cinematic, brightened immediately with melodic flare-ups before delving into deeper, murkier waters.” - MESS+NOISE

"Lawrence English’s Room40 cassette sublabel A Guide to Saints has unleashed a second batch of releases for July 2013. Amongst them are a couple of New Zealand artists, including Sleeper (C.J Parahi) and With Moths. The former’s album “From beyond” features anywhere from two to four long tracks with different atmospheres… On side 2 “Edge of darkness”/“Creeper” is dark enough to bring it into the same sort of terrain as Kevin Drumm’s “Imperial Distortion” (see elsewhere) and is like an Industrial dreamscape, with grating fluorescent lights panning across landscapes etched from blackness and coloured in clotted smoke. There is a comfort in feeling at least the music might come from another room and is not really inside your head. The A side couldn’t begin any differently, however, and appears to be an ironic joke. The opening minute is like the soundtrack to some kitsch Celtic movie although it is quickly drowned in a deep pool along with the whole film. Time then becomes stretched and the scenes drag as they play it, struggling against the weight of water. It is beautiful without being blissful, like watching your life play out before your eyes while drowning.” - Mind Bomb

birds of passage/Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier/Motion Sickness of Time Travel/Aloonaluna ‘Taxidermy of Unicorns’ 2x c60 (Watery Starve)

Folk music is expanding into many new forms with experimentalists such as birds of passage, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Motion Sickness of Time Travel and Aloonaluna- all female experimentalists who plant folk notions to a more hybridized, variegated flora.  Whether the terms of music here is ambiguous but personal voice, the electronic as modernist tool for folk-making, or a magic-realist or urban-pastoral perspective- these terms are expanding in ways that are gaseous; the terrestrial reaching out to the more intangible worlds of dream and space.  This is individual and private music speaking to a more collective conscious.  This is Taxidermy of Unicorns- an act of stuffing such a mythical animal, fabricating this beautiful beast as a specimen of all such beasts…

US$26 Shipping included / Worldwide

Tape art by Lynn Fister.  Watercolor printed insert with sewn leaves and wrapped in yarn.  Accompanying booklet with individual, original collage on center page.  Pro-dubbed chrome plus tape with clear shell and black lining. Limited to 200.

Two People In A Room ‘Wrapped In Plastic’ c40 (A Crash At Every Speed)

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just…let it happen. Could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a catnap in your office chair, or … Two People In A Room’s ‘Wrapped In Plastic’!

US$6 (IMPORTANT: this item only ships within New Zealand. For international orders please check here)

"The perfect soundtrack for the lightless autumn in Berlin." - Foxy Digitalis

"Comprising four tracks and at a length of some thirty eight minutes, Wrapped In Plastic opens with Come On Baby, Contact, a stunning piece which slowly swells in volume whilst anchored by guitar droning and simple finger picking. Though processed with effects, the music retains a warm and organic timbre, in keeping with the choice to release Wrapped In Plastic on cassette." - Fluid Radio

"Spectral rattles echoing across a lulling flow of layered guitar textures." - Textura

"Reminiscent of William Basinski." - Norman Records

"For guitar drone, you cannot possibly imagine anything better than what Berlin’s Two People In A Room (a side-project of Pillowdiver) have recorded here.  Sometimes lush and beautiful, other times overwhelmingly bleak, there was no better tape in 2010." - OMG Vinyl

Birds of Passage ‘Winter Lady’ C48 (Bathetic)

On Winter Lady, the music gently creeps from the cassette as wound gossamer, bent and shaped into a silhouette of a beautiful creature calming walking towards you. This is gorgeousness embodied, showcased through a delicate skeleton.


Art and sound collide, recalling the dream pop of This Mortal Coil scrubbed down to a bare, essential shadow, or Sade whispering from the core of some frozen lake. Fans of Grouper or Motion Sickness Of Time Travel will feel right at home in the comfort of Birds of Passage.

Birds of Passage ‘Winter Lady’ LP (Denovali)

US$22 12” clear 180g vinyl, thick matte cover, printed inner sleeve, free mp3 download code.

A masterwork of minimalism, WINTER LADY - Alicia Merz’s sophomore solo effort as BIRDS OF PASSAGE sees a return to the desolate and melancholic soundcscapes of her highly acclaimed debut, WITHOUT THE WORLD. With WINTER LADY, Alicia presents us with an endearing invitation into her fragile world, a captivating journey through the landscapes of her emotional euphoria and agony, a further commitment to musical experimentation, a worthy addition to the oeuvre of BIRDS OF PASSAGE.

The cold minimalist-drones, distorted field recordings, and sparse instrumentation, illustrate an icy, desolate and dark world. It’s as if we are listening to the sound of winter itself; an audio exposure to the unforgiving elements of winter.

With allusions to dark-pop and classic broken-folk, the reverb drenched instrumentation, metaphorical fairytale lyrics, and anti-climactic compositions remind us that Alicia Merz is a singer songwriter for people who don’t like singer songwriters.

Birds of Passage ‘Highwaymen In Midnight Masks’ C22 (Sweat Lodge Guru)

Drone lullabies to fill up the quiet spaces; vespers of guitar wrapped around a siren’s call. Aidan Baker makes an appearance, so should you. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.


Birds of Passage ‘Highwaymen In Midnight Masks’ 10” EP (Denovali)

US$18 Black vinyl, thick matte cover, free mp3 download code.

In line with the WINTER LADY release, Denovali Records will release the single HIGHWAYMEN IN MIDNIGHT MASKS as a 10’’. On the B-side: ‘i have my heart’ and ‘forbidden love’, a collaboration with prolific artist AIDAN BAKER (NADJA,  INFINITE LIGHT LTD.). The track juxtaposes Alicia’s harsh distorted guitars, with an ethereal flute drone courtesy of Baker. This unassuming contrast of polar opposites has visceral consequences: Alicia’s signature vocals sit on top, telling a story of a dark love a­ffair, while Baker’s vocal sits below - reduced to an ambient texture. The result: a ‘Gregorian Chant’ for fans of acid drenched drone, a ‘Post, post-rock’ love song of epic proportions, a lyrical journey of exploration in to the philosophical depravities of The Marquis de Sade.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon ‘S/T’ CD / LP (Denovali)

US$22 12” clear 180g vinyl, thick matte cover, printed inner sleeve, free mp3 download code.

With their debut record Brother Sun, Sister Moon take all preconceived notions of what an album should be and break them down right in front of you, presenting a record that runs the gamut of genre defying boundaries, boldly reimagining pop music for the ‘post-genre’ generation.

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