CC013 Crippling - Resigned to Quartz, 7” Lathe

Creeping through disfigured echoes of pandemonic sound.  Brusque and immersive … culminating in a cacophony of deranged collage and amethyst gaze … pure bedlam.

$20 (Orders ship 11/07)



Limited edition. 33 1/3 rpm. 7” Lathe. Hand cut by Peter King in New Zealand. 350 gsm, hand made matte covers. Music, artwork and aesthetics by Grant Evans.

Trash Talk with Komodo Haunts


Ask yourself a question and answer it.
(Friend asked) Question: what is the most unnecessary baggage you ever carried?

Answer: water melon up to a cave on the side of a mountain. But at the same time, very necessary.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be, and why? 
Maybe inside the cave. Because the cave is important.

Where do you currently live?
Inside of the city belly. British Isles. On the Internet.

Daily routine?
Wake up around 6:30am.
Write down dreams (laptop or notepad) or fall back to sleep again and dream for another hour and half.
Once out of bed; stretch and breathe.
Make morning food; fruit and oats. Yoghurt if it’s there. Sometimes tea (yerba maté).
Read for short time. 
Explore internet.
Some time around 10:00am/11:00am:
Take a synthesizer to my shoulder, with thin hempen rope tie tightly a small sack, within a battery powered tape recorder and pan flute, also some small stones. Pilgrimage West to the shade of huge Aloe plant. 
Around 12:00pm, noon ritual begins; this involves meditating on a single note for 3 hours, at the end of which a spontaneous outburst is recorded in one take to cassette tape, the result of which is a new Komodo Haunts artefact.
Return home. 
Prepare food - mushrooms, kale and other vegetables. Coconut water drink.
Engage in 4 hour long Age of Empires II match. Or SimEarth. Or Unreal Tournament 1999. After these matches sometimes my hair is tightly braided (beard too). 
6:00pm-9:00pm is string time. I’ll usually fall to sleep (some people have said I sleep with my eyes open) whilst playing short simple guitar riff and keep it going whilst I sit in the same place, fast asleep. When I wake up, hair is un-braided again and the guitar is gone.
I then place my hand on the closest Jadestone boulder and focus on my dog (also called Jade) for another hour. This is right before supper, which consists of one of every piece of fruit laid out over a synthesizer as a plate. First one to roll off is the one I eat (sometimes this takes a few hours).
After watching an episode of Lost at random, sleep for one hour and half, then repeat.


Human, Non-human.

Weapon of choice?

Analogue or digital?
Systems on systems.

Live setup?
AoE II, an opponent, a projector and a line out.


Five records?
Goodiepal - Narc Beacon
Fourth World Magazine - The Spectacle of Light Abductions 
Pale Cocoon - 青空の実験室 / Secret Sounds
Tuluum Shimmering - Ulau Tau / Spirit of the Sun
Boredoms - Chocolate Synthesizer

Five films?
Lucas Falls Into the River
The Wayward Cloud
Like You Know It All
Love Exposure

2014 music trends?  

Humans doing some more stuff.

Greatest fear?
(Not) Knowing.

Guilty pleasure?
Rice crackers.

image Advice?

Last words? 
Shoutout to cruSti croc.

If you liked this interview, you’ll really dig on Komodo’s 7” we just released. check it out here… and keep an eye out for a Haunts X Cult cassette … later …

CC012 Komodo Haunts - Ancient Sea, 7” Lathe

Lay down, fire-up and and drift on the Ancient Sea with Komodo Haunts.

Limited edition of 31. Hand cut by Peter King in the South Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand. 350 gsm matte covers, handmade at the Cooper Cult Lodge, Sydney. Artwork, design, layout and aesthetics by Grant Evans.

A1. Drinking the Seabloom

A2. Tomb Voice

B1. Liquid Murmurs (Wave Spirit)

$20 (All orders ship within 24 hours)



To thee eternal Cooper Cult, from Haunts, may they reign in dark

and additionally… boundless thanks & gratitude go towards John, Jacob & Man in Black, JONG, Agent Cooper (though I barely know ye), Toopa, Desmond, Charlies (all of them), H., (thee) Cats (including Toopa), Dog, other Beasts, Unborn Mané, Lee Kang-Sheng, L.R.V. fam, them cruSti crocs and all other lovers

recorded Winter MMXII, Drone House, England

the cup has to hold the water

fine light blue, a nice atmosphere

ytt ut // semaj re // vilo siu ol

© Cooper Cult Records