CC010 Snoqualmie Falls ‘Red Fire Dark b/w Pearl’, 3” CD

Cavernous, ambient-drone and Lynchian atmospherics, leavened with ethereal vocals that call to mind the midnight siren calls of Julee Cruise.  This sounds like a lost B-side to “Falling”: Badalamenti’s haunting theme for the greatest ever television show, Twin Peaks.  Limited edition 3”, attached to a replica vintage postcard of Snoqualmie Falls.



"Snoqualmie Falls take on the beauty and the horror of a dream’s enigmatic aftermath almost receptively. With “Red Fire Dark” also comes the thrill of a story slowly unwinding, one that Snoqualmie Falls have no trouble getting comfortable with." - Mystic Groove

Music by Snoqualmie Falls / Art direction by Jeff Stonehouse

Sleeper - Cooper Cult Halloween Mix 2013

This is not a collection of rare tracks sourced from preposterously obscure horror films (for that, go here).  Rather, this is a collage of some of my favorite horror film soundtracks and soundbites, meticulously grafted from old VHS and the darkest corners of YouTube, and compiled with a sinister intention to haunt, frighten and disturb.  Happy Halloween! - Sleeper


Duration - 28.03

Trash Talk with Love Cult


Full of nothing

Daily routine?
Light games




Weapon of choice?

Analogue or digital?
Couldn’t care less

Live setup?
Laptops, tapes, FX


OPN + Felix Kubin

Five records:
"Edward Flex Presents: Do You Believe In Hawaii?"
"Беги от меня"
"De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas"
"Innocence is Kinky"

Five films:
"Tromeo & Juliet"
"Eri Eri rema sabakutani"

2013 music trends?   
90s, internet lyfe

Greatest Fear?
Clowns, gnomes, pigeons, ear tunnels

Guilty pleasure?
Ivan loves sweets, Anya’s a gamer

There are none

Get a life, punk


Words of wisdom?

Famous last words?
"I smoke only when I’m happy"

We recently released some of Anya’s and Ivan’s noisey chorals.  Etched into 7” plastic discs, with Anya’s lovingly handcrafted collage gracing the covers.  You can grab one just around the corner, here, but don’t forget to look further into the weird and wonderful world of Love Cult.

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